October 19, 2017 Ethnicity Matters


The Chinese community just celebrated the Lunar Festival which is also called the Moon Festival. The Guardian newspaper (P.E.I.) provided 5 great facts that we all should know about moon cakes – the signature lunar treat:

1. A mooncake is a traditional Chinese pastry made from wheat flour and sweet stuffing, such as sugar and lotus seed powder.
2. It’s a symbol of family union, and the cake is traditionally cut into pieces that equal the number of people in the family.
3. In Chinese beliefs, the full moon is the symbol for a family reunion and many famous ancient poets wrote poems about the moon and expressed their homesickness. When people look at the moon it reminds them of their families and homeland.
4. After dinner every family will put a table outside the door or in the courtyard. They put mooncakes, fruit, incense and candlesticks on the table, facing toward the moon.
5. The tradition is disappearing. It’s rare to see families worshipping the moon in big cities. In some old towns or tourist cities, people will hold a ceremony to worship the moon in a square, park or street, this is more like a performance.

Source: The Guardian, Prince Edward Island

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