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The Math Behind the Immigration – Go Figure

The Conference Board of Canada just released its latest analysis of Canada’s macro demographics.  They’ve taken the heavy lifting behind the mathematics out of the equation.  They tell us that one in four people are going to be 65 years or older in 2040.  You marry that with the continuing Canadian low birth rate, and it’s a formula for economic disaster.  If we want to keep Canada’s famous social infrastructure, and enjoy the life that we do, there are no options.  We simply need more people.  The solution is immigration.  Read more

All Scotties needs is love

By Tom Nightingale

CPG giant Kruger Products recognizes the importance of Chinese Canadian growth, as its efforts to reach that population over the years have shown. And with a new campaign for its Scotties tissue brand, the company is hoping all it needs is love.

The brand is looking to invest more in marketing that resonates with the Chinese community and boost Scotties’ profile within that population as it “continues to grow in importance,” says Oliver Bukvic, marketing director for Scotties. “Scotties has a long heritage in Canada but it isn’t a brand that is as known to newcomers. That’s why we continue to really focus in on important segments.” Read more


Canada will be welcoming more than 1 million new immigrants in the next three years alone with the majority coming from Asia. By the year 2036, Canada’s multicultural consumers will represent 34% of the population and according to Statistics Canada, other urban centers across the country can reach over 80% with South Asians and Chinese quickly becoming the “visible majority”. Canada is increasingly becoming an Asian-influenced country and brands have taken notice. Read more


I was in PEI for the Thanksgiving long weekend and I personally experienced a changing face of Canada. I hadn’t been there for 15 years and it was clear that the immigration tsunami that we are seeing across the country has become a reality – even in PEI and Charlottetown. Visible minorities are everywhere to be seen – both as consumers and running businesses. Read more