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We need a commitment against racism in Canada

Last Thursday, a letter appeared in AdWeek with a commitment to do better. This letter, in the form of an ad, appeared in USA Today on Friday and in The New York Times on Saturday. The letter and commitment is from the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and its multicultural arm, the Alliance for Inclusive Multicultural Marketing (AIMM). Its members include CMOs at leading CPG companies in the U.S. and several American multicultural agencies.

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FCPC Member Exclusive Complimentary Webinar

Thursday, June 11, 2020
11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST

There have been lots of Surveys on consumer behaviour and attitudes during COVID-19, but none have taken into account the special voice of the Ethnic consumer. Ethnicity Matters Multicultural Marketing & Advertising recently completed a 900-person Research Survey to tap into the thoughts, feelings and buyer behaviour of this key segment.

They uncovered some amazing nuggets of information, where Ethnic consumers over-index in terms of opportunity. If you are a Consumer-Packaged Goods Company and you are thinking through where the revenue opportunities are post COVID-19 and beyond, join us and learn where these opportunities are by category. Also gain great insights into the Ethnic consumer and online shopping.


Presenting Speaker:

Howard Lichtman
Partner & Co-Founder


A personal note on why black lives matter – Why ethnicity matters

I’m a Canadian-born son of an immigrant and Caucasian.  I’m watching what is going on in the United States, like everyone else, in horror. Several years ago I founded a Multicultural Marketing Agency with a South Asian-Canadian partner, also the son of immigrant parents.

The Agency is called Ethnicity Matters.  In my own Agency, I am the “visible minority”.  We employ mostly ethnically diverse staff, new immigrants and International Students.  We try to walk the talk.

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