CIBC Global Money Transfer 2017

2017 Ethnic Holidays


The Global Money Transfer Business (GMT) is a huge business. In fact Canadians send thirty billion dollars abroad each year to their families and home countries. For example, Canadians send $3.9 billion to China, India receives $3.5 billion, and the Philippines received $2 billion from Canada in 2016. The list goes on and CIBC has an amazing offer for over 45 countries around the world.

In this highly competitive space, CIBC listened to its customers and simply provided an amazing all-encompassing product. CIBC’s global money transfers are available to its customers at zero transfer fees. That’s a price you can’t beat. The foreign conversion rates are more than competitive. You don’t pay any premium for the express service and money arrives within 48 hours. You have the security of dealing with a bank and the convenience of either utilizing a branch to make the transfer or you can do so from the comfort of your own home from a computer, IPad, or mobile phone.

Ethnicity is AOR for CIBC Global Money Transfer.


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