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To drive awareness, activations and retail traffic, Koodo reached out to young Asian-Canadians through a partnership with CantoMando, a YouTube channel popular among Asian youth. In November, it sponsored the video “How Asian parents react to ‘I Love You’” and offered vouchers for free Chatime bubble tea to viewers. The video earned more than 130,000 views in one week, 11,000 likes and 1,000 comments.


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3 Asian Americans Say I LOVE YOU to Their PARENTS for the FIRST TIME

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Today we got ABCs Say “I Love You” to Their Dads for the First Time. ABCs call their Parents in Chinese.

We’re also calling our moms too so Asian Americans say “I love you” to their parents for the first time. When you think of What Asian Parents don’t say, I love you is probably one of them. But it’s also something that we don’t say either. So let’s see how asian parents react to I love you. In this case, we’re seeing how Chinese parents react to I love you. This is the “I Love You Dad” Experiment or The “I Love You Mom” Experiment.

Asian parents have a way with words… TBH This reminds me of Wong Fu Production’s What Asian Parents Don’t Say… video. Especially with Mike’s parents when they ask what he wants to eat.