Kruger TV commercials 2016

Kruger’s Evolving Multicultural Strategy


Kruger launches new spots for Purex, Scotties, and SpongeTowels targeting Chinese Canadians. It was back in 2015 when Kruger’s strong market positioning, for all of its brands, meant that it had to look for innovative ways to grow its business. Kruger understood that the multicultural audience is a growth opportunity. They launched their initial campaigns aimed at the Chinese consumer and they have continued to seek ways to reach out to them, in a meaningful way.

Nancy Marcus, Corporate VP of Marketing at Kruger Products, has stated “It’s a real effort to be respectful, knowledgeable, relevant, and emotional. Even the briefs, because of our learnings, are very focused on what the insights is. Is that really looking at the family, the relationships and the social dynamics, or is it stereotypical?”


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Sponge Towel - Ballet

SpongeTowels launched a 30-second video spot titled “Ballet” that ran on Chinese TV networks, IPTV platforms as well as social and digital media.

The brand has a well-known “Sponge Pocket character” named Spongy that is featured in the brand’s English language advertising. In Ballet, as a nod to the Chinese community, Spongy is Chinese. The story is set in a typical Chinese home, as an eager young ballerina risks disaster by practicing her pliés. After some near misses, she knocks some furniture and a glass of bubble tea comes crashing down to the floor. Mom need not be stressed, as Spongy has Mom’s back and instantaneously dives in and easily cleans up the mess.

Scotties - Birthday Party A Tissue for Every Issue

The Scotties 30-second video spot features a young Chinese Canadian boy at his Aunties birthday party. Like a typical young energetic child, he gets into lots of “not so serious trouble” and lots of messes. His face and clothing are often covered with everything from chocolate to shaving cream to tears. This lighthearted ad is the manifestation of Scotties’ tagline – A tissue for every issue.

Purex - Broken Leg

Purex is all about softness. In this video spot entitled “Broken Leg” a Chinese family arrives home from a skiing trip. Unfortunately, the father has broken his leg and his mother and son are aiding him in settling down on the couch. Still, his leg is uncomfortable and it’s his smart daughter who decides to fetch a family size package of Purex, which is placed under his broken leg so that he can feel more comfortable and experience the fact that “Purex is pure comfort”.