Scotties TV Commercials 2019

“Love, Scotties”


Kruger Products has launched a series of new TV and digital ads for its Scotties®’ brand facial tissue. Focusing on the Chinese market, the spots are based on insights about how this community expresses love.

The campaign includes three, 15 second video spots, both in Cantonese and Mandarin. The three spots, called “Love, Scotties”, use the concept of love, a universal language, to capture the versatility of Scotties Brand Facial Tissue. The spots capture an exchange of sentiments between ‘first loves’, and fathers and their children—all requiring the need for Scotties®’.

Nancy Marcus, Chief Marketing Officer at Kruger Products, says the company continues to gather more insights about their multicultural consumers, finding ways to be more emotionally relevant. “It’s an important effort to be respectful, knowledgeable, relevant and emotional,” Marcus says.


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  • Summit Creative Awards 2019

    Bronze in Television/Commercial Campaign

  • HERMES Creative Awards 2019

    Platinum in TV ad Campaign

  • Marketing Awards 2020

    Merit in Television

First love

Child’s Love

Father’s Tear

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