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We take care of what matters to you.


This year we turned five. And we are celebrating this milestone with new zest. New achievements, new approaches, new thinking, new ideas, new clients and even a new name! We are rebranding ourselves as ‘Ethnicity Matters’.

Because in this rapidly changing world, multicultural communication matters, experience matters, strategy matters, creativity matters and focused research matters. In short, we take care of what matters to you.


  • Summit Creative Awards 2019

    Bronze in Industry Self-Promotion Campaign

  • HERMES Creative Awards 2019 - Moving Ads

    Platinum in Self - Promotion Campaign
    Short Listed in Archive Magazine

  • Marcom Awards 2018 - FCPC

    Platinum in Self Promotion Campaign

FCPC Banners

The advertising scenario in Canada is changing rapidly. Diversity is the new norm.

This print ad campaign focuses and talks mainly to the mainstream marketing community to open up to this reality and also urge them to embrace multicultural advertising as it offers more business horizons, possibilities and avenues for them.

Creative solution: To drive the message home, one of the ad showed a mainstream Barbecue Skewer and the other one showed a Burger loaded not with the usual stuff, but with all ethnical ingredients like Dim Sum (Chinese), Sushi (Japanese), spicy Samosa (Indian), Bakhlawa (Arabic), Pita (Italian) etc!

Results: Due to its uniqueness, the campaign certainly created a lot of curiosity and buzz, driving home the message that we, (Ethnicity Matters – Multicultural Marketing and Advertising) help marketers to create a unique ethnic appetizing dish (read as marketing and advertising plan) that can whet their Target Audience’s appetite!

Moving Ads

To announce the change of our office address, we came up with a campaign which consisted of a series of ‘moving ads.’

Instead of the run of the mill Print ads and traditional email etc., we decided to create social media posts which carried not just the relocation news but demonstrated what the idea of relocation meant in different cultures. Playful headlines and a brief descriptor along with fun, custom created, contemporary style illustrations were used to bring these ads to life.

Creative solution: A total of five social media posts were created and they were based on customs associated with relocation followed by these communities; Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, Russians, Jewish and Scottish.

Results: The ads invoked a lot of curiosity and enthusiasm amongst those who came across the posts. Many employees received calls and messages from clients regarding how interesting these posts were and how they found it very interesting to learn about a new custom through something as simple as an announcement of a change of address.  Best of all, we saved substantial dollars having kept away from using traditional mass media.

Ethnicity calendar

Because every culture matters, we at Ethnicity have been celebrating certain key festivals with our specially designed e-cards.